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A Blast from the Past

Posted on : 14-10-2010 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


Let’s go back in time: 2008/Take 2 DBIFF in Arizona. Here is a list of ten randomly selected audience members, from a bucket of 900+, who rated their top three films of the festival for each day:


  • Corinne Sheahan: Corde, Justice, The Wayfarer,
  • Azim Mafi: The Gallery, The Wayfarer, Justice
  • Sarah Golshan: The Wayfarer, Little Mosque, Justice
  • Jonathon C.: Uncle Hathi, , Arida, The Gallery
  • Mike Sheahan: The Wayfarer, Justice, Corde


  • Medora Wilson: Tsehai Loves Learning, The Prayer, A Boy from Jenjarom
  • R. Fanaieyan: A Boy from Jenjarom, Donkey in Lahore, Armed
  • Jonathon Kamrava: Choke, Tsehai Loves Learning, The Prayer
  • Fae Naderi Choke, Son Maloso, Tsehai Loves Learning
  • Kris Zemke: Tsehai Loves Learning, Armed, Donkey in Lahore

If your name is on this list, come see a festival staff at our 2010 festival in San Diego to receive a little surprise. Sure, you can send a representative; but they must carry a signed note with your actual social security and/or passport. After all, it is a serious gift and we need to make sure its going to the right person.

See you in November then!