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Notes on Google

Posted on : 22-10-2010 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


The other day we spoke about how google may help you find things. As a matter of fact, Google has helped a few people find us.

The festival has a listing on their directory. I wonder what the editors was thinking when looking over our website to put together the below describtion.

“Travelling event devoted to recognizing and promoting films focusing on the Bahá’í faith. Background information, submission requirements, past selections and winners, program, press links, and contact details.”

Go Google!

Remembering an artist

Posted on : 21-10-2010 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


Today is dedicated to the birth of an artist who spread the the message of global peace through his art – Happy Birthday Dizzy Gillespie!

9 Days to go

Posted on : 20-10-2010 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


For those who know the importance of the number 9, you have guessed why we started our countdown today. To those who don’t, google may help out.

9 Days to go till Oct 29th