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SpOtlightOn: Madagascar, canet de voyage

SpOtlightOn Madagascar, a film by Bastien Dubois, is a journey through Africa. Very few films, let alone short films,¬†succeed¬†in capturing a culture that is so rich, but this film does it with much ‘drama.’ The film takes the viewer on

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SpOtlightOn: Zero

Zero, a film by Christopher Kezelos, portrays the issues of prejudice in society. It is an animation about people being classified in numbers – a symbol of one’s status. Zero, the lead character, is an outcast his whole life and

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SpOtlightOn: A Cut Above

SpOtlightOn A Cut Above, by Alessandro Piedimonte, is about aging, death, the after-life, love, loneliness, hope, marriage and spirituality. It shows an elderly man closing up his barbershop when he comes across pictures of his deceased wife. As he gazes

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