Category: North American Premiere

Linger by Beeli Sim

Short Narrative / 15:00  / Digital HD / Mandarin / Singapore / 2009  / North America

Ming tries to cope with life after her mother’s death but realizes that the past constantly echoes and that grieving knows no bounds.

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Glenn, The Flying Robot by Marc Goldstein

Feature Narrative / 80:00 / Film (35mm)  / English  / Belgium  / 2010  / North America

Jack, a pianist with a broken hand, challenges his rival Henri to compete with his trained flying robot. But who is playing whom here?

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And These by Sonja van Kerkhoff & Sen McGlinn

Animation / 1 minute / flash (swf) / English + Spanish / The Netherlands / 2010 / North America

“And these realities of things, though in the utmost diversity, are yet intimately connected one with the other”

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