Category: World Premiere

The Last Conversation by Amelia Zandi

Short Narrative / 06:00 / Digital HD / English / United States / 2010 / World

A mother visits a young girl in prison for the last time the day before she is to be executed.

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Straight Ahead by Michael Devid

Music Video / 04:00 / Digital HD / English / The Netherlands / 2010  / World

A rap music video about being a young Baha’i and everything that surrounds the life of such a person.

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River to Reef  by Robert Flanagan

Documentary / 23:42 / Digital SD  / English / Belize / 2010 / World

The film explores the connection between rivers and reefs and how humans are also part of nature and this amazing water cycle.

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No Longer There by Aaron Bertrand

Music Video / 4:00 / RED digital/  English / Canada / 2010  / World

The story of lost love and the return of it through reconciliation. A music video by Carl Young produced by Jack Lenz.

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Faith in Common (Muhammad Jesus) by Andrew Newell

Short Narrative /  29: 00 /  Digital HD /  English / USA /  2010/  World

Agnes, a dedicated Christian’s ‘good neighborliness’ is tested to capacity when a Muslim family moves next door.  What in Common?

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Enoch Olinga, Hand of the Cause of God by Joyce Olinga

Documentary   / 2:20:00/ Digital SD / English / United States of America, Trinidad, New Zealand /  Pre-2008  / World

The inspiring story of the only African Hands of the Cause of God, Mr. Enoch Olinga.

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Dr. Elham by Ryan & Leyla Haidarian

Webcast / 15 /  HD /  Persian + English / South Africa  / 2009 / World

Barred from studying in her own country Iran, Elham travels to Johannesburg to take her final medical examinations.

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Adam – Them Man by Mehmet Yildirim

Feature Narrative / 1:28:19 / Digital HD / Turkish /  Turkey / 2010  / World

Adam, a young man  is in search of one question: Can he distance himself from society and live in peace?

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A Cut Above by Alessandro Piedimonte

Animation /  2:39 / Digital HD / English /  Canada / 2010 / World

In a society that does not have time to slow down, an old barber feels out of step.

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