Das Verlorene Paradies (Paradise Lost) by Petra Hinterberger

Documentary /  60:23 / Digital HD / German / Austria / 2009 / International

Two ordinary men, one extraordinary decision: suicide. What will happen next?

  • Writer, Producer: Petra Hinterberger
  • Director of Photography: Markus Stoffel
  • Animation: Markus Huber
  • Editor: Gaby Kull-Neujahr
  • Music: Christoph Burgstaller

“Paradise Lost“ depicts constricting spirals of life which end in suicide: Martin, opposed to expectation, survives. His way out of the hopelessness is through the possibility of therapeutic help. Philipp, after agonising years cannot beat schizophrenia. The film, traces through dialogue with his parents, the approaching suicide of their own child. A moving review of a young person.

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