Enoch Olinga, Hand of the Cause of God by Joyce Olinga

Documentary   / 2:20:00/ Digital SD / English / United States of America, Trinidad, New Zealand /  Pre-2008  / World

The inspiring story of the only African Hands of the Cause of God, Mr. Enoch Olinga.

90 interviews from United States, Israel, Kenya, Uganda, New Zealand, Caribbean, South Africa and other visitors to United States.

  • Joyce Olinga, Producer, director, writer, videographer, editor
  • New Zealand segment- Ken Zemky
  • Trinidad segment- Julian Rogers
  • Music- various Baha’i contributors

This emotionally engaging documentary of Mr. Enoch Olinga of Uganda (1926-1979), the only African Baháʼí Hand of Cause of God, describes his spiritual transformation.

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