Faith in Common (Muhammad Jesus) by Andrew Newell

Short Narrative /  29: 00 /  Digital HD /  English / USA /  2010/  World

Agnes, a dedicated Christian’s ‘good neighborliness’ is tested to capacity when a Muslim family moves next door.  What in Common?

Anthony Azizi
Joshua Childs
Sarah Jane Hill
Noah Rice
Elham Jazab
Naseem Yousefsadeh
  • Producers   Andrew Newell, Ricardo Cardenas, Joy Mariano
  • Director and Writer Andrew Newell
  • Director of Photography Jeremy Gonzales
  • Art Director Mariel Hamm
  • Editor Jason Lyons
  • Original Music KC Porter
  • Sound Design Parker McGee
  • First Assistant Director Joy Mariano
  • Script Supervisor Amanda Futrell
  • Associate Producer Anisa Newell

Agnes Goins desperately wants her son to know what it means to be a good Christian. But when an Iranian Muslim family moves next door, Agnes finds her ‘good neighborliness’ tested to capacity. Can Christians and Muslims be good neighbors?

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