Glenn, The Flying Robot by Marc Goldstein

Feature Narrative / 80:00 / Film (35mm)  / English  / Belgium  / 2010  / North America

Jack, a pianist with a broken hand, challenges his rival Henri to compete with his trained flying robot. But who is playing whom here?

Billy Boyd
Dominic Gould
Smadi Wolfman
Patrick Bauchau
Gérard Depardieu

  • Screenplay: Marc Goldstein
  • Producer: Marc Goldstein
  • Editor: Dominique Rolin
  • Photography: Hans Sonneveld
  • Music: Jean-Pierre Taïeb

Two famous rival pianists argue about a woman. One of them (Henri) breaks the hand of the second (Jack) by sheer incident. Jacks career is over. He gets a flying test robot to help him with the housekeeping, until he discovers that the robot can play the piano. Jack then challenges Henri against his robot, but the robot has other plans.

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