Letters to Ourselves by Beatriz Ciliberto

Experimental / 02:06  / DV / French, Spanish, English / France , Venezuela / 2010 International

This experimental film is a collective portrait of women. Women of various backgrounds question their identity, sexuality and being.

Nesta Wynn Ellis, Die Hu, Sara Ciliberto, Yannick Rocher, Marielle Humblet, Hasret Kilic

Letters to Ourselves is a collective portrait of women.

Using lines, experiences and feelings from many who share their story with me.  Asking them to write a letter to themselves in an intimate way. Who are you? What are you afraid of? What are your dreams? What defines you? . These questions created a base line and show in many cases the impossibility of wanting to be heard.

The use of “readers” allow for some to express their lives in a more aggressive way. Never the less no questions are answered, but for a couple of seconds some confusion occurs when a group a women become one by sharing pieces of their lives.

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