The Invigilator by Manesh Nesaratnam

Short Narrative / 11.54 / Digital HD  / Malay / Malaysia / 2009  / United States

An idealistic woman trainee decides to quit teaching. But a senior male teacher attempts to convince her otherwise.

Tony Eusoff – En Khairil
Cheryl Samad – Cik Amira
Zahiril Adzim – Megat

  • Producer – Amy Lim Pei Yen and Roshan Ravichandran
  • Director – Manesh Nesaratnam
  • Screenwriters – Manesh Nesaratnam and Nathaniel Tan
  • Cinematographer – John Goh
  • Art Director – Shio Chuan Quek
  • Assistant Director – Loh Yu Beng
  • Editor – Amy Lim
  • Colourist– Adrian Loh
  • Production Manager – Roshan Ravichandran
  • Original Score – Hardesh Singh
  • Audio Recordists – Erika Schmidt and Ng Ken Kin
  • Audio Post – Christopher Higgs
  • Chief Lighting Technician – Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim
  • Key Grip – Yusri Amer bin Ismail
  • Camera Assistant – Kenneth Yee
  • Best Boy – Haszlie bin AB Hamid
  • Continuity – Megat Zahrin
  • Art Deparment – Gareth Chin, Navin Rishal
  • Make-up & Stylist – Jong Kim Hiang
  • Set Photographer – Ethan Wong
  • Handyman – Wong Mun Fue
  • Production Assistant – Roya Ravichandran
  • Translator – Douglas Lim

The Invigilator is about an idealistic trainee teacher who decides to quit teaching after an embarrassing argument in class. Her invigilator, a senior male teacher, attempts to convince her otherwise. He opens her up to a new world of creative teaching techniques, hopeful that it will change her heart.

Directed by Manesh Nesaratnam, starring local celebrity actors Cheryl Samad, and Tony Eusoff, this film is at once a light-hearted clash of pedagogical perspectives and at the same time an echo of societies’ frustrations with the inadequacies of available education systems.

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