The Last Conversation by Amelia Zandi

Short Narrative / 06:00 / Digital HD / English / United States / 2010 / World

A mother visits a young girl in prison for the last time the day before she is to be executed.

Elsa Martinez as “Mother”
Mona Mossayeb as “Daughter”

  • Written by: ¬†amelia zandi, co-written with Lyz Reblin
  • Produced by: amelia zandi
  • Director of Photography: Garrett Smith
  • Editor: amelia zandi
  • Music: “Moments,” written and performed by Hamed Nikpay
  • Other crew: Chase Smith, Yujin Chung, Keith Funkhouser, Cyrus Kowsari, Soheila Rohani, Moiz Horani

A short scene where a young girl in prison is visited by her mother for the last time-she is to be executed the next day.  Her mother pleads with her to see reason and do what she can to survive, but she is determined to stand for what she believes in until her very last breath.

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