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dBIFF films @ Short Film Central

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Indian Newspaper Highlights dBIFF selection

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Kids’ series from Lucknow to feature in Swiss film fest

The Pink Rabbit, an episode of Uncle Hathi and his Friends animated series for children, will be showcased at Dawn Breakers International Film Festival, currently under way in Switzerland.

The series, developed by Lucknow-based Foundation for Advancement of Science in collaboration with Big Fat Uncle Animation, was “initiated to counter the negative influence of the violent and inappropriate television programmes that are supposedly meant for children,” said Dr Hameed Mohajer, director of the project.

The animated version derives its roots from Uncle Haathi, a comic book brought out by Hameed’s brother Dr Sohayl Mohajer, which also attempts to inculcate good habits in children. “The animated series deals with issues such as back-biting, teasing, fault-finding, bad company, drinking, smoking and so forth,” Hameed said. “The selected episode, in a creative and entertaining manner, attempts to make children realise the ill effects of peer pressure and teaches them to say ‘no’ when they are forced to do immoral things just to be accepted by the group,” Hameed said. Currently, 13 episodes have been made and soon will be upload on the internet for free, he said.