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Its a wrap!

Posted on : 29-11-2010 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


The festival was a blast. The audience enjoyed the films, the filmmakers enjoyed the feedback and everyone left with a smile.

A full report is on its way – but till then, go over and comment on your favorite films.

Date / Time / Place

Posted on : 26-11-2010 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


Alright, here is a quick what and where so you are on track:

FRI & SAT Evenings: 7:30 PM on.
Sheraton San Diego Ballroom
Free Parking for attendees: Follow signs to the reserved lot.

There will be signs to guide you around once you are there.

Fest is just a few days away…

Posted on : 23-11-2010 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


Hello readers out there,

Sorry that we haven’t been posting lately; the organization of the festival leaves us with so little time to do anything else.

But that doesn’t mean we are out of content for you. In fact, we have more than 40 films you could read and comment about here: http://www.dbiff.com/take4/

So for now, take the discussion there.