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A letter to the festival

Posted on : 18-09-2011 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


Today we received a heart-warming letter from one of the filmmakers whose film was showcased at the festival last year:

… a year ago, my short film Out of Sight was selected by the Dawn Breaker Film Festival. I just wanted to tell you that since then, I’ve been planning to shoot my first feature film, and it’s now coming to life!

We’ve managed to have a co-production between France and the UK and a full budget, and we’re shooting in November. Thank you for awarding my short film…it was because of the credibility your selection brought me that I can now shoot my feature film and start my filmmaking career!

Best,–Nyima Cartier

We are glad to have been a source of encouragement and opportunity to Nyima and several other filmmakers to whom DBIFF has opened doors.

And with that, check out Nyima’s new feature film: White Lie

2011 Media Boot Camp

Posted on : 02-08-2011 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


We’re excited to announce the 2011 Media Boot Camp taking place in San Francisco starting August 15th, 2011. The festival is expecting the attendees of the workshops to produce some great content and look forward to showcasing it in the next film festival. Beside video production, the workshops will introduce the participants to other media fields as well, such as radio broadcasting and multi-media arts.




DBIFF Take 5 Photos

Posted on : 01-05-2011 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


Whether you attend the fest or missed it this time around, we’ve put up a few pictures to keep the memories alive.