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Animation Galaxy highlights the selection of an Indian film at dBIFF

Posted on : 29-05-2013 | By : dbiff | In : InMedia


Uncle Hathi” Kids series from Lucknow at Dawn Breakers International Film Festival in Switzerland Back from those days an animated movie developed by Lucknow based Foundation for Advancement of Science in collaboration with Big Fat Uncle Animation known as Uncle hathi and his friends would be back in action for kids but this time in Switzerland.
Yes you heard it correctly the Pink Rabbit, an episode of Uncle Hathi and his Friends animated series for children, will be showcased at Dawn Breakers International Film Festival, currently under way in Switzerland, and this is a great achievement for our Lucknow team developing the animation respective series. This animation movie is full of lesson and messages to be passed around for kids. This series would be an attempt to teach children’s some good point and make them avoid some bad activities such as back-biting, teasing, fault-finding, bad company, drinking, smoking and so forth. The selected animated movie is well capable of making children’s realise the ill effects of peer pressure and teaches them to say ‘no’ when they are forced to do immoral things just to be accepted by the group.

The series, developed by Lucknow-based Foundation for Advancement of Science in collaboration with Big Fat Uncle Animation, was “initiated to counter the negative influence of the violent and inappropriate television programmes that are supposedly meant for children,” said Dr Hameed Mohajer, director of the project. We are very happy to know this that people are taking some step to teach some very good habbits to the kids and young generation. We hope that this movie would have a good effect on kids watching it and make them a good citizen for their respective nation.
The good news is that currently 13 episodes have been completed and would be uploaded on internet very soon.


Art Citizens promotes a dBIFF selectee of experimental genre

Posted on : 22-05-2013 | By : dbiff | In : InMedia



Maya Ortega, an AD of past dBIFF selectee starts a new film

Posted on : 15-05-2013 | By : dbiff | In : InMedia


Maya Ortega – First Assistant Director

Maya graduated from Colorado State University with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. As a writer, she has sought to diversify her experience in film to better in- form her writing.

She has acted in several plays, including a bilingual adaptation of Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett under director Eric Prince, head of Center for Studies in Beckett and Performance.

She has produced short films and documentaries in San Diego, Denver, and Savannah. Social Studies premiered at the Dawn Breakers International Film Festival in Zurich.