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Take 6 filmmaker builds an online film resume

He was born in Erzurum on 17 September 1983. After he had lived for five years in Erzurum, he moved Antalya because of his father’s job transfer. After he went primary school and high school in Antalya, he enrolled Machine

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Help this lady find a film

Kia Orana! My name is Rebekah, I’m from Hamilton, New Zealand. I’m trying to find a video that was shown at a Baha’i summer school in Hamilton several years ago (so far no one I’ve asked in Hamilton has known

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Dedicated Film Pages (coming soon)

So what’s keeping us busy post festival? A dedicated website for all the selected films. We’re creating a website for all the Take 6 film where we’ll provide detailed information on each entry and over time have the following: Film

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