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Posted on : 06-11-2015 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


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Take 6 filmmaker builds an online film resume

Posted on : 27-02-2013 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


He was born in Erzurum on 17 September 1983. After he had lived for five years in Erzurum, he moved Antalya because of his father’s job transfer. After he went primary school and high school in Antalya, he enrolled Machine Enginering Department of Isparta Süleyman Demirel University.

He went Plato Film School to learn cinema on October 2007 after he graduate form enginering. Although he didn’t have an exact aim, he though that he can work on films.

During that time he for short film, clip and technical units then he tended to the acedemic part of the cinema Because he didn’t want to shoot films without fully understand the work.

After a short film he started to write film critics, under the name of M.E. Y’in Seyir Defteri. They published his own blogs and important sites. It was an important situation because it was an serious improvement for him to sit and write something in front of the computer.

With his writings he discovered a cinema theory under the name of “ Tasavvufi Akım – Tasavvuftografi” which he found with inspiration from directors like Tarkovski, Paradjanov…

He thinks the cinema as a help in every way to find himself. He try to get more time to improve himself and tell his wisdom with direct cinema sharring.

He is finding himself and the cinema also makes opportunities for him to do this thing. Actually if you look deeps; he is still same as the beginning…


Help this lady find a film

Posted on : 24-02-2013 | By : dbiff | In : Dawn Breakers News


Kia Orana!

My name is Rebekah, I'm from Hamilton, New Zealand.  
I'm trying to find a video that was shown at a Baha'i summer school in Hamilton several years ago 
(so far no one I've asked in Hamilton has known how to find this video).  

It was a short video ~15-20 minutes? 
by one Persian Actress who portrayed a life story of Tahereh.  
It only featured one actress, 
and she used different props to act 20 or so different characters?

Any thoughts or clues would be much appreciated!



If you know the answer, email it to Rebekah at rebekah.sands at gmail / com or send us email to us.