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Some advice from a ‘freedom fighter’ filmmaker

Posted on : 17-04-2013 | By : dbiff | In : InMedia


10. For filmmakers who have exhausted all their financial measures, there is a solution. Do some research on festivals who don’t charge fees or that charge a small fee. Here are some “submission-fee free” festivals: a. Many Jewish film festivals do not charge fees www.bjff.org b. The African Diaspora Film Festival c. The Conscious Life Expo d. The Bicycle Film Festival e. Dawn Breakers International Film Festival f. The Fly Away Film Festival g. The Idaho International Film Festival h. The Intelligent Use of Water Film Festival i. The International Random Film Festival j. Loisaida Cortos Latino Film Festival k. The Margaret Mean Film & Video Festival l. The New York Documentary Center m. The New York Film Festival n. The New Zealand International Film Festival o. The Polish Film Festival in America p. San Francisco Three Minute Film Festival q. Short Film Festival r. TromaDance Next blog, I will talk about “to go with a distributor or not to go, that is the question,” (weighing the question if self-distribution online is better than traditional distribution). Until then, check the gate, and if it’s clear… Then we’re moving on. — Leora


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